Reflection on DeSica’s Bicycle Thief

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Construct your Journals as Response Essays to the clips and films you watch and utilize these three strategies when writing: Reflection – Observation – Analysis.
You are required to apply technical film terms and reference mise en scène when writing. DO NOT go on-line when writing your journals. I am ONLY interested in your own Reflection/Observations/Analysis. If you plagiarize from the Internet, I will have no choice but to give you a zero for the assignment.

Entry #1: How does DeSica use neo-realism to illustrate class and economic need among working-class families in post-WWII Italy?

the link below is the movie, it is 2.99 on youtube. please give me the price that include the muvie.

this link is for you to learn terminology of film techniques

please let me know if you need anything

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