Recommended Answer Length is 4-5 Paragraphs!

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1. How does Plato finally answer Glaucoma’s and Adeimantus’s challenge from Book II to supply an argument for the good of justice in and of itself in Book X? Evaluate Plato’s Argument, and what is this “peculiar” or “particular” good of the soul’s relationship to the Forms Good/Justice (Republic, 608b-612b, 357b-358b, 367d, 505a-517d, 540a-b, 476a-480a)?

2. What are Plato’s and Aquinas’s respective positions on these three general questions: (1) Describe the relative reality of universals and particulars and describe how they are known (Plato, Republic, 476a-480a, 500b-d, 505b-517d, 540a-b; Aquinas, A Summary of Philosophy, pp. 26, par. 3, 72-4, 80-5, 87-90); (2) What are their respective ethical theories and the reason for taking morally correct actions once known (Plato, Republic, 331b-368d, 419-421c, 433c-445b, 540a-b, 567d-592a, 608b-631e; Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics, pp. 178, 183, pars. 2-5, 190-5)?; (3) What is the best political state and what are their respective views on private or communal property, marriage and the proper role of women, slaves, unbelievers, and treatment of the lower classes (Plato, Republic, 368c-541b & 590c-d; Aquinas, On Kingship, in offprint of such and in Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics, pp.102, par. 7, 103-5, 115-6, 183, 190-5, 203, par. 2, 207-9, 12-13; see also offprint from Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, Summa Theologica, and On Kingship, pp.152-3, 879-83, and 65-67, respectively)?

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