Receptor Responses versus Temperature Graphs Questions

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Draw two graphs, each showing the activity of both Warm-Best and Cool-Best receptors. Indicate, on both graphs, the responses of these cells to 105o , 89o and 75o. The first graph should represent normal function. The second graph should show the change in the cells’ activity after the Selective Adaptation that occurs from holding your hand in hot 105o water for a prolonged period.   

Will 89o feel warmer or cooler after this adaptation? WHY?

Upload your responses – as a PDF – by Thursday, July 21st 8am PST.

For an example of how your submission should look like, consult page 24 of the “Other Sensory Systems” lecture slides  Download the “Other Sensory Systems” lecture slides. On that page, you can see the graph for the changes in cell activity after adapting to ice cold water. Your submission should have the same structure for the graphs, but illustrate adaptation to hot 105o water.

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