Reading annalysis

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Read Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” and Sedaris’s “Remembering my Childhood on the Continent of Africa.” You must read both essays and demonstrate understanding of both texts through your initial post and responses to peers for full credit. However, in your initial post, choose one of the essays and analyze its thesis (what is it really comparing and why?) and the points of comparison that is uses to explore the subjects. Does it provide sufficient evidence? Can you think of examples that go against its thesis? Can you find areas in the text where the author seemed acknowledged that some examples may not support his/her thesis? Remember that the “Questions to Ask When Reading” document in the “Start Here” section will be a useful guide here. This sort of analysis is critical to our ability to think critically about our own writing and is a common thread in the Argument Today readings. By analyzing our audience and their possible objections to our points, we can strengthen our argument by anticipating said objections.

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