Reading and writing assignments

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Two separate writing assignments

-Democracy and Education ( 2 paragraphs)

Study the contents in the link on Dewey and his thoughts on Democracy. Read all text on Dewey link main page as well as watch both short videos then read Niddings Ch 2 on Democracy. We will have an in- class writing assignment on Wed So do not fail to do the reading. Be prepared to discuss both Dewey and Nodding on Democracy. In the discussion here POST YOUR OWN IDEAS ABOUT HOW SCHOOLS CAN BE MODELS OF DEMOCRACY. Consider large issues such as curriculum as well as common practices ( like having children line up with hands behind backs, raising their hands to show they know answer, discipline grading and others.)

-Feinberg Article Ed & Public Good (3 paragraphs)

Please read the Feinberg article–gleaning from it what you can (there may be references you do not have background knowledge on to understand fully–that is okay). Write 3 paragraphs–a few sentences about each of the following
1. What are several of the big ideas presented?
2. Describe one or two tensions (by tensions I mean differences in philosophy/goals or theories presented in the reading–the Greeks and Aristotle, or more recently Dewey, for example). These tensions get at different ideas regarding the purpose of public education, for whom and for what purposes.
Basically I want you to think about education and its purpose. Is it what parents want for their children’s future–the local community–the state? Is it a “common good”–all benefit from all being as highly educated as possible? Or should those not using the system not be required to participate by paying taxes for funding schools etc. (I remember an acquaintance of mine once saying that it’s wrong to be required to pay taxes that fund schools after your own children are not longer in school–or I’m sure if you don’t have children). Although I was surprised by this, it gave me an insight into others’ perspectives about schooling as a public good.
3. What do YOU think the definition and purpose of public education should be (where you may need to explain what constitutes “public”)?

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