Question on chapters 3and 4 / Text Report chapter 3

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Questions on Chapters 3 & 4

This week’s homework was to read chapters 3 and 4 in the textbook Public Relations by Tom Kelleher.

Based on your reading, please answer following questions in 3-5 sentences.

1. What is your understanding of convergence?

2.Explain the difference between advertising, marketing, and publicity.

3. Explain relationship management.

4. What is corporate responsibility?

5. Think of an organization, other than Bowie State University, in which you consider yourself as part of a key public. Discuss what you think the organization does well in the relationship, and not so well.

Text Reports chapter 3 book Media Ethics by Clifford G. Christians tenth edition

Read the assigned chapters/articles, identify one theme from each chapter/article, and briefly write about how they relate to your life. Rubric: (a) introduction – -your perception of the entire chapter/article, (b) discuss the themes you like in the chapter in relation to your experience/life, and (c) conclusion — synthesize the themes. No more than one page, single-spaced.

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