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Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible.
Make sure to number each answer – Write “1” for your Q 1 answer, and “2” for your Q2 answer. Within each question, there are sub-questions A, B sometimes a C, and it would be very helpful if you also have separate small paragraphs for each of these sub-answers (follow the same format in your answers as the questions are written). The more clearly you answer each part of each question, the easier it will be for our class GA to read and score your answers, which are based on both quality of your content and quality of your writing skills.

1. Managers often dislike or try to avoid dealing with performance management for their employees, especially the problem employees. Yet, good performance management practices are some of the most critical functions a manager performs. A well defined and implemented performance management system can make the difference from a profitable organization compared to one that is struggling. use google to find these answers A. Based on what you watched, please discuss 3-4 key activities that you believe are necessary for a successful performance management system – make sure to incorporate why you think these key activities are such necessary activities.

2. Please review the video on Interviewing Skills – Competency Based interviewing, which is based on the CAR Model (Context, Action and Results).

A. What can you specifically do using this CAR Modle to better prepare yourself for future job interviews and/or internships, or even volunteer assignments?

B. Do you believe that if you use this CAR Model as a manager or even as a member of a candidate selection committee, you will be better able to choose the best qualified candidate for a job – Why or Why not?

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