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  • You will write the evaluation for one of the chosen companies, ranging from 750 – 800 words. Each evaluation will include the following:
    • Brief background of the company (very brief!)
    • Evaluation of various functions such as (must have at least 3; cultural accommodation is required as one of the three functions):
      • Global presence and cultural accommodation (this is required for all reports)
      • Marketing/Sales
      • Customer Service and Support
      • Public Relations
      • Careers/Recruitment
      • Product Communities
      • Community and Outreach Services
      • Other – may be specific to the industry, such as non-profits organizations, universities –must be approved by SB
    • Overall impressions; recommendations for improvement
    • For each of the 3 functions, describe how social media are being used, what technologies are being utilized, how the business processes works, and how effective they are. Give detailed examples to support your opinion. Each group will need to determine a set of criteria to “grade” each function on. This will require group meetings to look at each company on-line and determine which company is best in each function, and how the other companies rank in comparison.
    • Rating and Ranking of each company by function, and overall rating – Writers will need to give a “grade” to each function and determine the overall grade for their company. They will also need to give their reasons for the grades, what was done well, what needed improvement.

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