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Public Speaking

The fear of speaking in public is one of the most common fears people have…maybe you have this fear, too. While you may or may not experience speaking to a large group, you very likely could be called into impromptu meetings in which you are expected to address management and co-workers. This can cause just as much anxiety if you do not feel confident enough.

  • If you have a fear of public speaking, what do you do to prepare yourself when you have to speak in front of a group? If you don’t struggle with this fear, what helps you to be successful in avoiding this common problem?

    2) Preparation is certainly a key to being more calm when presenting in any environment. What steps would you take to ensure that you would deliver an effective presentation? Why do you think these steps would be helpful?

    3) Have you experienced preparing and delivering a presentation at work? If so, how did you do? Were you nervous or did you feel comfortable? Discuss what (if anything) you learned about public speaking from that experience. If you have not experienced delivering a presentation in the workplace, tell us about your experience giving a speech in school or for any other reason such as a group function, wedding, etc., and discuss what (if anything) you learned about public speaking from that experience.


Choose the speech () – watch and listen – and then address the following in paragraph format:

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