psy100 week 7 discussion response j.o.w

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Please respond to this discussion post in 5 sentences or more.

  • From the self-assessment and e-Activity, discuss the overall manner in which your results from the self-assessment relate to the Nun Study. Next, choose two (2) strategies discussed in the video that you could implement in the next three (3) months to improve your wellness and longevity. Justify your response.

My own self-assessment relates to the nun study because I believe that I have taken a very balanced outlook in my own nature of development when it relates to my physical, cognitive and socioemotional well-being. Physically, I recognize the change in my own body. I realize that I have concerns with high blood pressure, that I am susceptible to stroke, I have amassed a higher quantity of fat on my body. My cognitive processes are being further developed through my pursuit of higher education here with Strayer. I have been playing a more active role in my grand children’s cognitive development (which more often than not challenges me). My socioemotional process are being honed as well, as I have reconnected with estranged family members, taken the time to make new connections and am now able to spend more quality time with my family at home doing things together.

As to what I would like to implement in the next three months to improve my wellness and longevity. I think I would first like to start training for some 5k races again. I use to be very active with running with my wife and since my strokes, I have backed off on them. That would allow us to spend more quality time together. Secondly, I would like to start cooking more healthy meals. I love to be in the kitchen and being there I find myself at my most creative. Being able to cook “on the fly” making something, out of nothing is real test of one’s culinary skills. Ultimately, I would like to see myself on MasterChef. Doing that is on my “bucket list”.

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