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  1. Read the relevant sections of the rubric to understand how you will be graded for this phase.
  2. Use the “P1”, “P2”, etc. buttons to read the positive comment and constructive comments from your peers, thinking deeply about the suggested improvements. Rate the quality of each feedback item you received.
  3. Once you’ve rated all of your feedback, click the “Revise” circle to edit your original composition, incorporating the suggestions that you thought were useful.
  4. In the “Additional Questions” section, reflect on the the changes you made. For each item of peer feedback you received, you should state how you incorporated the feedback into your work, or why you didn’t think the feedback was helpful. This is the place where you can show the TA that you thought about the comments deeply, and tried to incorporate them well. If you chose not to incorporate some of the suggested feedback, you need to explain why you did not find this feedback useful.
  5. There are a few extra questions (not for grades, but mandatory to activate the “Submit” button for you to answer under “Additional Questions”
  6. Press submit once you are done. Once you’ve submitted successfully, the main peerScholar screen will show “Complete”. Please double check this before the deadline.

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