psy 100 week 3 discussion response s.j.

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Response post: Try to attempt to take the conversation further by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target and try to analyze things in as much detail as you can. 4 sentences or more.

I selected the concept conformity:

We all conform in one way or another myself included. To conform is to change one’s way of thinking and behavior to match those of the majority around us as not to stick out or go against the group. My stepson is a senior in college, I observe the difference in his behavior when he comes home for spring break and summer break. His cousins who are the same age are not college students. When my stepson is at school he does notdrink alcohol much and gets his rest. when he is at home he drinks more and stays out even when he is clearly tired. Every time his cousins say come on he jumps up get dressed for another day out of drinking and partying. He haseven expressed to me and his mom on several occasions that he does not feel like going out when they summon for him to hangout. But, he always goes and says he will mess everything up if he does not go, he is going to throw off theplans etc… This has been going on since I got in his life eight years ago, he thinks his cousins are cooler than him and he wants to be like them, even when we tell him he is doing great and different from the pack because he is earninghis degree and will have a bright future.

This is an example of normative conformity to be like and accepted.

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