project three pages

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While alive, what do you hope to accomplish before you die?

B. Consider goals and dreams you have. Consider family members who you may

be distant from. Maybe there is a person you should forgive.

Maybe there is someone you should ask for forgiveness.

Don’t simply list things, dig deep and think of something meaningful in

your life, and write an action plan on how you will make it happen.

C. Explain why these things are necessary for you to do before dying.

1. Be sure to have an indented introduction that introduces what the body paragraphs will unfold.

2. Include at least 3-5 indented body paragraphs.

3. End with an indented conclusion.

Your papers will be short. I only require that they be 3 FULL pages (NOT INCLUDING HEADING OR TITLE PAGE) double spaced with Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

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