Project management assignment

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So these are three assignments.

Unit 4 discussion board is just a summary of what my final project is going to be. It’s a discussion board question, which means I need to post it in the main classroom and other students will read it and make critique. It’s only a summary of the final product. And I would like to get this completed by tomorrow evening.

Unit 4 individual Project is the one continued from the last two you helped me with (unit 2 and unit 3 individual projects). This one is due either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (I think it’s either 1 or 2 May).

Unit 5 individual project is the final project for the class. It’s a combination of individual projects from unit 1-4. And this one is due either 8 or 9 May.

Text book: Dynamic Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2013 by Ambriz (Ed 1). ISBN: 9781604277548

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