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Create Power point to describe key points relating to developmental diversity and the role of teachers, parents, and the developmental team.

Each student will prepare, submit and deliver via oral presentation.

Requirements: Research paper – 10 pages using APA style, visual media presentation using media technology – must have (at least) 15 slides including title page, resources page, and at least three slides for each of the following developmental pathways.

  • Promoting Adaptive Development
  • Promoting Cognitive Development
  • Promoting Language and Communication Development
  • Promoting Physical Development
  • Promoting Social-Emotional Development

You must include the following:

  • Title page
  • Definition each of the areas of development,
  • Examples (at least 2) of behaviors related to each of the areas,
  • Examples of how to promote growth in each of the areas,
  • Persons that would be involved in the growth of each of the areas, and
  • Plan one school based activity for each area of the five areas of development;
    • Describe the purpose, objective, setting, materials needed, the role of the teacher (or parent) and the intended outcome(s) for the child.,
    • Explain why this activity would be developmentally appropriate for a child in an early childhood/daycare/preschool setting.
  • Resource page listing resources used to gather information.

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