Professionalism and Etiquette discussion

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Professionalism and Etiquette discussion: (no less than 600 words)

Think of this as a “find and share” assignment where you draw from exploratory research/reading you engage in as well as drawing from your own experience. Each individual will be responsible for sharing with their team (by timely postings to the discussion board) what you have found/experienced regarding the following 4 topics:

a) Professional dress “do’s” and “don’ts!”

b) Etiquette- “do’ s” and “don’t s” in

1. Business dining situations

2. Communications (telephone and electronic)

3. International settings/exchanges/business relationships

c) Why managers/everyone – should recognize the dignity of all work, including the work of those at the bottom as well as at the top of the organization. Build a case that civility and helpfulness should not be related to hierarchy and is not or should not be culturally based.

d) Recommendations that signify an understanding that LISTENING is the most important communication skill for managers. What recommendations can you provide your team for improving active, adult listening skills?

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