Principles of Marketing Discussion

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Unless you happen to have a rich uncle or get very lucky and find an “angel” investor, you’ll have to compete for a start-up investment with dozens of other firms also trying to get off the ground. You and your classmates have worked the entire term on your marketing plans, and you now have the opportunity to review their plans and to get some feedback on yours. You’ll be playing the role of a rich investor looking for the next great company. Review a few of your fellow classmates’ Marketing Plans. Taking in account the grading rubric for this assignment, post a substantive review to at least two other classmates’ Marketing Plans. Be certain to review someone’s who hasn’t been reviewed yet. In your review:

1.What questions do you have for the entrepreneur asking you to invest?
2.Does their SWOT make sense? Do you think they missed any important opportunities or threats?
3.Did they pick the right targets in their segmentation? Will those consumers really buy their product?
4.How about the IMC plan; did they pick the right message and medium?
5.Finally, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Will you invest in the product and why or why not?

Feel free to set conditions such as a different ad campaign or changes to the product. After all, it’s your money! By the way, we’re much nicer than those guys on TV so make sure your feedback is friendly and constructive.

No more than 250 words

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