PowerPoint- presentation 3 minutes in length – with exactly 18 slides that automatically transition at 10-second slide

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I will post my paper and the book as a reference to use for the powerpoint.

The theme of your presentation is the importance of remaining flexible to change in turbulent times.

The following content must be included in the (voice over) PowerPoint-assisted presentation:

  •  Title Slide
  •  Introduction – Who are you? What are you speaking about?
  •  Setting the Stage – Provide a brief summary of the story. What is the location? Who is involved?What is happening
  •  Why is this Important? – Why is being flexible to change in turbulent times important to the modern sport and recreation manager?
  • Our Iceberg is Melting Core Concepts – In your own words, describe each core concept as if you are talking to someone who has not read the book then provide at least 2 examples for each core concept from your internship experience/approved movies watched. Describe the examples is sufficient detail so the presentation watcher can picture the scene THEN explain how the example matches the specific core concept.
  • Our Iceberg is Melting based Management & Leadership – Leadership and management are distinct concepts that go hand in hand in the modern workplace. Explain how the Iceberg core concepts can impact each of the following: (a) management behaviors, (b) leadership behaviors, (c) management processes, and (d) leadership processes. Hint: Review the slide posted on pg. 2
  •  Conclusion – What do you want the reader to remember?

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