postmodernism on White noise

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find four of the below characteristics of postmodernism in the White Noise excerpt. I just need a paragraph therefore it should be 4 paragraphs, but your answer should show that you read the text and should quote or paraphrase specific instances with page numbers. If you have a long quote, you don’t need to copy it in its entirety – in the middle use ellipses.

I have uploaded the story.

Characteristics of post-modernism
• Humorous and resigned tone
• It is a pastiche or a collage of past styles
• Absurd plotlines
• Often paranoia is the controlling mood
• Refuses distinction between high and low art
• Often about topics that don’t seem worthy or art
• Skeptical of God or of Any greater meaning
• Sees consumer capitalism as taking over humanity
• There is little connection between people

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