​Portfolio Outline (20 Points)

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Submit an outline of your Portfolio project. The outline should be at least a page long and include a basic guide for each section of your portfolio.

Your outline should seek to identify the topic (thesis statement), categories and sub-categories. Don’t worry, these can be changed as you write, but it is a good idea to be as complete in your outline as you can. The better your outline, usually, the better your paper. See How to Write an Outline for a good example of an outline.

Although no points will be awarded this week for this part of your Portfolio Project, points will be deducted from your final portfolio grade if you do not turn in this, and all parts of the assignment, complete and on time.

This is the message that my instructor sent me to clarify the assignment’s requirement.

You just need to provide an outline. You should have made significant progress since last time so hopefully that will be reflected in a more detailed outline with a full set of scholarly references.

So those were the first two outlines that i have done and i have been graded 25/25 each so i need this time to i guess extend the outline and provide full set out scholarly references and the rest of the assignment explanation is mentioned up there.

ok i also uploaded the question which is due 2 weeks later and i uploaded a draft of my essay that i tried to write. I want to have improved one i am not using teh draft paper i just uploaded it as an example can you plz complete this weeks assignment based on the questions asked above and I am sure if things went good this time too and if you agree we can continue together for writing my final paper. if this sounds confusing plz ask me questions to make sure everything is clear for u. can u complete this soon?


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