Portfolio Milestone #2 Annotated Bibliography

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Submit 3 to 5 annotated bibliography entries of scholarly journal articles you are using for your Portfolio Project. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to summarize and assess your sources.

Each annotated bibliography entry includes three paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1: The first paragraph provides a brief summary of the article (i.e., author’s main points and research).
  • Paragraph 2: The second paragraph examines the article’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluates the research method(s) used by the author(s).
  • Paragraph 3: The third paragraph explains how your source is important and useful for your Portfolio Project.


  • Your bibliography should include a minimum of three (3) scholarly journal articles and three (3) annotations, be double-spaced, and presented using APA Requirements


Dear writer. I have inluded the three articles that I have chosen to use for my final project please use these articles to do this annotated bibliography. Feel free to add more bibliographies if necessary. I have also included a template that has the information in it already labeled SOC 460 Portfolio Milestone #2. Please go ino this document and edit and add the paragraphs for each bibliography as necessaary to keep you from creating your on word document.


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