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Polypharmacy is one of the few reversible and preventable causes of
iatrogenic harm meaning any injury or illness that occurs due to medical
care. One example of this is chemotherapy used to treat cancer which
could cause nausea, vomiting, hair loss, or depressed white blood cell
counts. Taking medications incorrectly can also contribute to
iatrogenesis. Diagnosing problems with medication-taking behaviors in
the elderly can be accomplished in the physicians office or at home by
using a couple of methods called the Cockroft and Gault Method or the
Morisky Scale (in which there are two versions : the Abbreviated four
item scale or the Extended eight item scale). In 250 words or more
explain how these tools are used to diagnosis Polypharmacy-induced harm
to the elderly as well as what common laboratory results need to be
obtained in order to diagnosis medication-related problems (MRP). Be
sure to use APA formatting from the 6th edition 9th printing of the APA
book and use at least two nursing peer reviewed journal articles no
older than five years to support your answers.


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