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For this week discussion you are required to research the Amendments of the Constitution and the statements attributed to gospel recording artist Kim Burrell along with the decision of Texas Southern University administration regarding her radio show. A document link as well as a video link for the constitution are available. I encourage you to review both extensively in order to provide a scholarly post and response to your peers.

In your post you are required to discuss the various constitutional amendments you identify from the U.S. Constitution that would protect statements made by Ms. Burrell. In addition, identify those amendments that you believe protects the decision rendered by TSU administration. In other words, discuss whether or not you believe the U.S. Constitution and its various amendments protects TSU, Ms. Burrell or both. Research the events that transpired prior to TSU decision and discuss the role the U.S. Constitution and its amendments played in the decision and the statements made by Ms. Burrell. (Two Amendments should immediately garner your attention). Include the role of an HBCU, the conservative nature of the state of Texas, the history of Texas etc.

This discussion is twofold. In addition to the Kim Burrell decision you are required to research U.S. Senator John Cornyn and the decision reached by TSU administration to withdraw the commencement address invitation to the Senator. Discuss if you believe the U.S. Constitution protects TSU or Senator Cornyn. Be sure to research the factors considered by TSU to reach such a decision including the faculty, students and community outcry.




***Take special notice of the sensitivity of this topic and be extra mindful when discussing this topic with your peers***

***Discuss this topic respectfully and with heightened awareness of the thoughts and feelings of our peers**


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