political science writing -04

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Remember – respond to ONE!!! of the prompts below and include your own question for your classmates to respond to. Total word count:350

A) Public Enemy created the song Fight the Power at the behest of Spike Lee for the purpose of including it in Do the Right Thing. It is used not only to further the narrative – serving as a herald of sorts for Radio Raheem, blasting from his boom box, but also to enhance the mood of the film – such as when it plays from the ether in the opening dance sequence. Did the impact of the song “Fight the Power” differ in Do the Right Thing between scenes in which it was diegetic versus those in which it was nondiegetic? How do the differing uses of the music impact your viewing of the film?

B) Like mentioned in lecture Do the Right Thing utilizes the dutch angle several times throughout the film. How did this impact your viewing experience? Does it take you out of the film or make you more invested? Does it impact your emotions while viewing the film?

C) During a particularly notable scene in the film several characters talk directly into the camera while stating a series of racially charged insults and slurs. How does the fact that the characters are speaking directly into the camera impact the scene? What do you believe Spike Lee was attempting to convey to the audience through this scene? Could his message have been sent as (or more) effectively in a different manner?

Here are the readings for this weeks’ assignment:

PP – Chapter 14 – Film and Politics of Race: The Minority Report

Giglio – Hollywood, Race and Gender

Smith – Role Models and Stereotypes: An Introduction to the OtherBenschoffand

Griffin – The Concept of Whiteness and American Film

At Home Viewing: Do the Right Thing


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