Political science paper 7-8 pages

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7-8 pages double spaced, (cover pages don’t count) 12-point Times New Roman with 1-inch margins, double spaced. It should address ONE of the following prompts, using only lecture notes

Choose one only one:

1. Explain the combat contract and apply it to World War I or World War II, and Korea or Vietnam. Sources: Kindsvatter and lectures

2. Explain the bargaining and coercion explanations of World War I. Sources: Fromkin, lectures.

3. Use structural theory to explain the Cold War. Sources: lectures.

4. Use the combat contract to explain World War I combat behavior. Sources: lectures, Fromkin.

5. Explain the logic of war in terms of domestic commitment and combat compliance. Sources: lectures, Kindsvatter.

6. Use structure theory to explain the relative infrequency of major war in East Asia and its relative frequency in Europe post 1500. Sources: lectures; Andrade

Cite your sources, books, and lectures where relevant. Do not use outside sources

NOTE* – How this class & assignment work:

– Each topic mentioned above is thoroughly explained in one or two of the lectures. Look over the notes and decide which topic you want to write on. Then I can send you the recording for the specific lecture, which will be the main thing for you reference (it should be extremely helpful in this case, because like 90% of the paper should just be on lecture content) as well as the lecture notes. If the topic you chose involve Fromkin or Kindsvatter or Andrade, I can send you the books too.


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