Policy Analysis – Prescription Drug Overdose, Tobacco Use or Motor Vehicle Injury

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4-6 Page Paper + Cover Page and Reference Sheet (APA Style)

— Please use either Prescription Drug Overdose, Tobacco Use or Motor Vehicle Injury as the public health issue —

The policy could be one created and/or enforced by a regulatory agency to reduce an
adverse health outcome,such as by reducing exposure to a hazard contributing to the
issue. It could be a policy dictating specific intervention program requirements on the
local, state, or federal level at a government, healthcare, or community agency. If you are
focusing on the issue from a global or another country’s perspective, you can analyze
policies that
reflect this. Regardless of the policy selected, the policy analysis will include explicit
statement of the problem/issue (remember as a question), the policy in question,
alternative policy options, your target population, and relevant stakeholders.

should also consider:

a. How the problem/issue is a public health issue. Convey your topic framed within
its history as a public health problem/issue.

b. Your specific target population(s) can have implications for the success or failure of
a policy, so consider them carefully.

c. Equally important are your audience/stakeholders. They may/may not differ from
your target population. For example, a vaccination policy designed to increase
vaccination rates in children (target population) could be designed for an audience of
parents, health care providers, community agencies, or other stakeholders.

d. Clearly and succinctly present the issue, its context, and recommended action
(includes your evaluation and recommendation of the alternative policy (ies)
addressing the problem/issue).

*** More Instructions Attached***


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