PLS KINDLY READ THROUGH ALL MY QUESTION.A 65-years-old man calls a nurseto

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A 65-years-old man calls a nurse to

ask for advice. He stated that he is experiencing burning pain throughout her body that comes and goes and overwhelming fatigue. He has tried getting massages and doing exercise and obtained only slight relief of the pain. He is concerned that he might have some widespread infection. He also states he has insomnia and feels tired in the morning. He has a history of irritable bowel syndrome and admits he also has the urge to move his legs when in the recumbent position, and occasionally has numbness in hands and feet.

Please provide a care plan for this patient.

Also, I need 3 nursing diagnosis.

The disorder is FIBROMYALGIA.

I need 3 nursing diagnosis (For Example, alteration in safety could be risk for fall related to altered mobility as evidenced by weakness – am not sure if this is right)

but I need 3 nursing diagnosis in that format. For each NURSING DIAGNOSIS, I want a short term goal, long term goal, interventions and evaluation.


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