please write four full paragraphs responding following one paragraph each question how do yo

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Please write four full paragraphs responding to the following (one paragraph for each question):

  1. How do you see Native Aesthetics represented in Rabbit Proof Fence? Engage one of our articles with this question.
  2. What is a common theme or trope in each of these films with respect to colonialism and the Indigenous experience?
  3. Where do you see an “attitude of relationship” in these films?
  4. How is Ikwe a Native film?



  • Larson, S. (1991). Native American Aesthetics: An attitude of relationship. Melus, 17(3), 53.
  • Hopkins, C. (2006). Making Things Our Own: The Indigenous Aesthetic in Digital Storytelling,Leonardo, 39(4), 341-344.

Film Screening:

  • (May be viewed here) Bailey, Norma (Director). (1986). Ikwe: Daughters of the Country. Canada: National Film Board of Canada.
  • (May be viewed here) Noyce, Philip (Director). (2002). Rabbit Proof Fence. Rumbalara Films: New Zealand.
  • (Streaming on Netflix) Wacks, Jonathan (Director). (1989). Powwow Highway. Anchor Bay Entertainment: USA.

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