Please write a paper in response to the article attached

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to current research in psychopathology so that you can see how concepts in class are discussed and applied by modern researchers.

You will use the following skills to complete this assignment:

  • 1)Find recent empirical research. ( I have attached the article you should use)
  • 2)Write clear and brief short answers to a question.
  • 3)Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a published empirical article.
  • 4)Identify how the findings apply to topics discussed in class.

You will use the following knowledge to complete this assignment:

  • Write a 2 page paper that provides a brief summary of the article in your OWN words (watch out for plagiarism).
    1. Page 1
      • i.Methodology
      • ii.Results
      • iii.Main Conclusion
    2. Page 2
      • i.Your general opinion of the quality of the article
      • ii.A critique of the article’s methodology (including major flaws or drawbacks)
      • iii.A future study you would conduct in this area based on the findings in the article (i.e., what would be the next logical step in research-based on the article’s findings).


You will be successful in this activity if you can: (a) write a succinct, thoughtful summary of the article that you read, (b) write clearly so that I can understand how you are thinking about this topic, (c) demonstrate your ability to evaluate the quality of a published empirical article, and (e) write a response of high quality (e.g., APA-style, proper grammar, spelling, etc.). Please note, I am evaluating your ability to creatively apply these concepts and then explain your thinking.

All papers should be turned in electronically via Webcampus by Friday at midnight of the corresponding week. The papers should be approximately 2 double-spaced pages long in 11 or 12 point, Times New Roman or Calibri font, and 1 inch margins.

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