please help me finish a paper and follow the requirements below

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For this paper you need to propose a change in alcohol or drug policy at any level, from the international to the university. Of course, you must explain your rationale for this change and back up your proposal with evidence. First, provide the background for the issue you want to discuss. How was the current policy developed and what is the logic behind it? Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the current status quo. Then, explain your own position. What evidence suggests the success of your proposal? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your approach? Who will have to be persuaded and how will you persuade them? You should use the APA format for this essay. Make sure that you have a title that reflects your thesis. As always, double-space, include page numbers and staple your paper.

My topic was about farm subsidies that produce a lot of corn syrup and make People’s eating habits very unhealthy. Six resources.It doesn’t have to be very well written, there are some grammatical errors and I hope this article has some areas that need to be revised or improved.Because I’m not a native speaker.

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