Please correct the paper as the following : 1/Those are very specific business problems. Well done. 2/You might have discussed models more thoroughly. You generically referred to them but did not nam

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Please correct the paper as the following :

1/Those are very specific business problems. Well done.

2/You might have discussed models more thoroughly. You generically referred to them but did not name any.

3/You provided two frameworks from the original literature; thank you. You might have addressed how they fit the unique business problems you identified.

4/There is no identified relationship among frameworks because you did not map those frameworks, models, or theories.


  • Select one of your problems and propose a potential Riipen project that is related to your problem statement and can be completed by a Capella learner. Be sure to detail the scope of the potential project.
  • Using some of the common elements found in the models, theories, and frameworks, construct a mind map to illustrate logical relationships among frameworks for leadership, marketing management, and information systems. Give a detailed explanation of the mind map.
  • Based on three scholarly articles, summarize authoritative models and theories and assess their credibility, relevance, and applicability for leadership, marketing, or information management concepts presented in the course.
  • In addition, create an appendix with a brief (1–2 paragraphs) reflection on the writing feedback you received and how you applied it. Reflect on the nature of the constructive feedback you received, and explain how you will improve the quality of your doctoral work. Consider resources available to you on the Writing Support page in the Capella Writing Center, as well as other resources.

Please correct the paper as the following : 1/Those are very specific business problems. Well done. 2/You might have discussed models more thoroughly. You generically referred to them but did not nam
Running Header: BUSINESS PROBLEM FRAMEWORKS AND MIND MAPS BUSINESS PROBLEM FRAMEWORKS AND MIND MAPS Introduction Capra Tek is the industry leader in designing and manufacturing computer server components. As a business consultant at Capra Tek, I recognize that the company has to improve its organizational performance to pursue its objective of growing into wireless technology for the information systems. As department managers at Capra Tek, you must consider all of the needs that the company requires to increase its organizational effectiveness. Capra Tek also must recognize the interdependence of people’s resources and processes before improving its organizational effectiveness for the leadership. The company must determine which process chains are supportive and critical for the marketing (Jacobsen et al., 2021). Capra Tek’s primary procedures must identify each department’s and contribution and goal. Incorporating this process information will help ensure that departments are aligned and that each department can effectively carry out its mission across the entire organization. The corporation must also make effective use of its personnel resources. This department plays a critical role in Capra Tek’s organizational success. Human resource experts will contribute to organizational effectiveness by assisting in developing innovative business strategies (Jacobsen et al., 2021). They are the primary team in charge of implementing and designing organizational adjustments to improve the company. As a department manager in our company, I will push for these human resource specialists to be involved because they are critical in choosing the best candidates for various roles within the company. Leadership. Capra Tek has struggled with leadership issues as a result, so the specific problem is Internal conflicts among program managers. To function correctly, the corporation must ensure that these disagreements are resolved. One of the most company’s desires for organizational progress is to keep the proper concentration and balance of conflicts (Bonds, 2020). There is a need to understand each contest’s dynamics, techniques, facts, and values before resolving it. To manage the conflicts among the company’s program managers, other leaders should provide an opportunity for constructive debate of various perspectives. As a leader, you should advocate for techniques that adhere to the organization’s principles and directives. However, Capra Tek Company must initiate a plan and possible conceptual framework suggests to solve the conflict management process. The leading cause of the conflicts must be confronted to get a better result. Shock leadership is a cutting-edge management method that can help Capra Tek overcome its leadership problems. It is an effective authoritative and theories model for increasing leadership dependability and effectiveness in crisis and disaster management. The model may easily show enhanced adaptability, awareness, sense-making, flexibility, and decision-making in order to respond appropriately. (Shufutinsky et al., 2020). Information Systems. One of Capra Tek’s specific problem is a lack of unique tactics for addressing the market with its novel wireless technologies, one of the company’s requirements. Using the most successful business tactics to pursue the market will grow and improve organizational effectiveness. Capra Tek may struggle to reach its plan success for market speed and gain a competitive edge without the correct and effective approaches. The business authoritative and theories model strategy is this company’s most accurate operational approach to attaining its innovative plan. Business model innovation is a method of assisting in the development of new creative concepts to support the company’s financial viability as well as the objective itself. (Apanasovich, Alcalde-Heras & Parrilli, 2017). The business strategy for Capra Tek covers the target segment selection, the best merchandise to offer, and the revenue authoritative and theories model. The value of wireless technologies and their usefulness to customers will improve to get to this approach. Capra Tek will also have to keep track of its clients and rivals. To develop and reply to our customers’ demands, the corporation must first listen to and comprehend what they want and then apply this knowledge to the development of new wireless technologies and services. Keeping an eye on what’s going on in the wireless technology sector will also be crucial for our organization. Capra Tek should work on the progress of its performance by evolving wireless technologies and making them more useful for clients. They also need to be more resistant to wear and tear. The technology should also be less pricy than previous or present ones to be considered as the most inventive techniques for approaching the market and its consumers in order to attain good organizational effectiveness. Capra Tek may use the Dynamic IT Capability concept to handle the technology transition challenge connected with future wireless technologies. According to Li and Chan’s publication, the dynamic IT capability framework, it has three parts include; dynamic IT knowledge management capability, dynamic digital platform capability ,and dynamic IT management capability (Li, Chan, 2019). This framework shows how to procure, install, and integrate information technology components to suit a company’s objectives. This framework will help Capra Tek. Marketing. Capra Tek’s specific problem is that their items are attracting the wrong clients for their productrs. One of the company’s requirements is to establish our credibility with customers. Capra Tek’s most considerable marketing difficulty is attracting incorrect clients for their products. Capra Tek must possible conceptual framework suggests to prioritize the need for the company by maintaining organizational performance, attracting the proper clients, and try not to spend money or time on the customers who will not purchase our products is again for the company. One of the prerequisites for the organization is to establish our credibility with customers. Choosing the appropriate market category for the firm is one of the most effective methods to position items (Buell, Campbell, & Frei, 2021), resulting in a leadership position in the minds of the most appropriate customers. Because wireless technologies are a commercial innovation, customers should provide some time and training to learn about the new technology. As a result, Capra Tek Company intends to achieve organizational effectiveness by partnering with the right clients. One model that might be beneficial in this market dilemma is the conceptual model created by Lepkowska and Parsons (Lepkowska-White, Parsons & Berg, 2019). This model is valuable for managers and leaders, mainly social media marketing. Understating this authoritative and theories model and applying it will outline the stages to effectively utilize social media to obtain the top target clients. Capra Tek Company would benefit from this conceptual perspective to build the best methods for reaching out to the correct consumers. Mind Map. The problems that CapraTek is facing are interconnected and can be visualized using a mind map. The efficacy of a corporation is influenced by its leadership strategy, marketing, and information management systems (Shufutinsky et al., 2020). An excellent leadership system will guarantee that information flows smoothly and efficiently throughout the firm. A well-functioning marketing strategy requires perfect data collecting, communication, and usage (Shufutinsky et al., 2020). Proper information flow will show crucial places where marketing may be feasible. When the three parts of leadership, information, and marketing management are well-balanced, the organization’s effectiveness is enhanced (Shufutinsky et al., 2020). The link between leadership, information management, and marketing systems in boosting organizational performance is illustrated in the mind map below. Summary. As a company, we should always look for increasing trustworthiness by respecting our audience’s intelligence and communicating with them. The company’s marketing messages should be crafted not so exaggerated so that customers may lose trust in the comapny. As proof that the rest of the customers can use the new wireless technology, it should have reviews, testimonials, and trust icons (Buell, Campbell & Frei, 2021). Our field team must always initiate strong relationships with our audience/customers regarding our products by using respectfully language and graphics, which will lead the company to figure out the right customers who appreciate their quality products. References Apanasovich, N., Alcalde-Heras, H., & Parrilli, M. D. (2017). A new approach to business innovation modes: the ‘Research, Technology and Human Resource Management (RTH) model’in the ICT sector in Belarus. European Planning Studies, 25(11), 1976-2000. Bonds, S. J. (2020). “We will cross that bridge when we come to it”: An explorative study of the structuration of organizational conflicts and individuals’ conflict management (Master’s thesis, University of Twente). Buell, R. W., Campbell, D., & Frei, F. X. (2021). The customer may not always be right: Customer compatibility and service performance. Management Science, 67(3), 1468- 1488. Jacobsen, C. B., Andersen, L. B., Bøllingtoft, A., & Eriksen, T. L. M. (2021). Can Leadership Training Improve Organizational Effectiveness? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment on Transformational and Transactional Leadership. Public Administration Review. Lepkowska-White, E., Parsons, A., & Berg, W. (2019). Social media marketing management: an application to small restaurants in the US. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research. Li, T. C., & Chan, Y. E. (2019). Dynamic information technology capability: Concept definition and framework development. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 28(4), 101575. MindTools. (n.d.). Mind maps: A powerful approach to note-taking. Shufutinsky, A., DePorres, D., Long, B., & Sibel, J. R. (2020). Shock Leadership Development for the Modern Era of Pandemic Management and Preparedness. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 13(1).
Please correct the paper as the following : 1/Those are very specific business problems. Well done. 2/You might have discussed models more thoroughly. You generically referred to them but did not nam
Effective Organizational Leadership: Final Report Scoring Guide Due Date: End of Week 10 Percentage of Course Grade: 30%. Create an executive summary that accurately summarizes the main points of the report. 12% Describe best practices for the creation of a business plan that aligns to organizational goals, including a business planning model and an illustration of that model. 11% . Formulate three well-defined business problems that justify the need for a project. 11% . Discuss authoritative models and theories that can be used to further understand each problem. 11% . Create diagrams that illustrate the causes-and-effects for each business problem. 11% Identify an applied framework for each problem, including the rationale for selecting that framework. 11% Construct a mind map to illustrate logical relationships among frameworks selected for the three business problems, explaining the mind map in detail. 11% . Reflect on the nature of constructive feedback and how you will improve the quality of your scholarly writing. 11% Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards. 11% .

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