Plan of Employment

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Students will need to find a person with a disability to complete this project. If a student is not able to do so, he or she may interview another person, but the interviewer needs to choose a fictitious disability for the case. This means that a student can interview someone without a disability, but that for purposes of the assignment the student will need to interview and work through the project as if the person did have a disability.

One way to do this is to explain this to the person you are interviewing and to let them know that even though they do not have a disability, you have to pretend that they do as the intent of this class exercise is for students to take the information they have been learning all semester and apply it an actual person with a disability (real or imagined). Thus, some of the questions students may ask of the person may infer he or she has a disability.

Students may elect to let the person decide what disability he or she is living with while others may view this process as more of a dialogue where both parties come to some sort of agreement. No matter the process, the Plan of Employment needs to be geared towards the information students glean from the person interviewed combined with real or fictitious information about the disability. As a part of the project, students will need to explain the disability, how it impacts the person, as well as ways the disability affects training, education, or employment.

Before proceeding further, please refer to page 9 as this explains how students will be graded.

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