Pick the most interesting element you identify from, assignment help

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This may look like alot but is not, answers 1-20 doesnt have to be a five sentences!!! If u look up in google for the answers, it appears the part of the book that talks about that or a clue..

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold.

  • 1)Pick the most interesting element you identify from

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold in terms of the Perspective you take and how that relates to Social Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Roles, Religion, Political Affiliation, Crisis Impaired, and Socio Economic or another aspect you have identified and post your comments about that aspect of the stories.–150 words minimm

1: What should Santiago’s mother have been able to do for him before he was killed

and how should she have known about his forthcoming death?

2: What was Santiago’s nature and what does that say about him?

3: What is ironic about what the Vicario twins are wearing and where they have been

before they kill Santiago?

4: How does what Santiago dresses in and the passing through of the bishop relate

to what happens in the story ?- leave this question until you have completed the

story or you will miss the point here.

5: Who knows and who does not know that Satiago is going to be killed? How does

the narrator’s mother feel about that?

6: What is Divina Flor’s destiny and what does this reveal about Santiago?

7: What is the significance of the two women knowing that Angela Vicario was not a

virgin on her wedding night?

8: What is the significance of referring to the note Santiago never saw and the

allusion to the crime being consummated?

9: Why did San Roman take Angela back to her mother? Why did Pura Vacario beat

Angela for two hours? Why did the Vicario twins kill Santiago?

10: On Santiago’s last night alive, what did he spend some time calculating and why

is that a haunting memory for those who know considering what it reminded him of ?

11: What did Santiago have a magical talent for?

12: What can be inferred from the several times the Vicario twins announce their

intention to kill Santiago? They seem to do so at every opportune moment.

13: What is the significance of the medal of gold found in Santiago’s guts?

14 What happens to the body after the autopsy and why do they have to bury

Santiago so quickly?

15: How come no one really believed that Santiago has taken away Angela’s


16: What does the judge find out about Santiago’s murder that is most disturbing?

17: Why might Angela keep sending the letters?

18: Why does Santiago go out onto the street even though he has been told the

Vicario twins are out to kill him?

19: What was strong evidence for Santiago’s innocence?

20: What mistake did Placida Linero make when she heard Santiago’s voice that

sealed his doom?

Story— “Everyday Use” 553

Write this a well-developed paragraph of around 250-300 words.

This story explores the notion of cultural heritage and the relationship between

family members when it comes to cultural heritage and the individual’s relationship

to his/her cultural heritage. It explores the perception of how cultural heritage

impacts the individual and how others view that individual.

Explain and describe the type of person the narrator is and how she sees cultural

heritage. Which disciplinary perspective is appropriate here?

Describe Maggie and Dee/Wangero-how do they relate to cultural heritage?

Explain the significance of the African names, objects and hair styles.

What do the quilts represent? What does the conflict revolve around and how does

this conflict reveal a theme?


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