philosophy paper

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Clearly state and thoroughly defend one particular version of either the cosmological or
ontological argument for God’s existence. Make the argument appear as plausible as possible.
Then, develop some strong objections to the argument. Next, on behalf of the theistic
proponent of the argument, offer at least one reply to each of the objections. Finally, you be
the judge. At the end of the day, do you agree or disagree with the argument? Explain. In your
explanation, make sure to engage the objections or replies that were most influential on your
The body of the Paper should be five to six pages long (not counting the works cited page). Use
12-point Times New Roman font with double spacing and 1” margins on all sides. Use left
justification (not full justification). Format the Paper according to the MLA style guidelines, and
cite sources using the MLA in-text parenthetical style. Provide a MLA-style works cited page.
Consult, engage, and cite at least four substantive, scholarly sources. The authors of these
sources must be college or university professors in philosophy. Texts assigned for class may also
serve as sources. You will likely need to skim several sources to find four relevant to your Paper.
Make meticulous notes and citations so you do not accidentally commit plagiarism.
Turn in your Paper on Blackboard only.
It is perfectly acceptable to write a Paper on a philosophical topic that is unrelated to this
prompt, but you must receive prior approval from the professor to write on your topic of

also please provide an outline and a bibliography of the sources you
intend to use and cite.

NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. the book uploaded down

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