Philosophy Analysis

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Write three to four pages (900 – 1200 words) of the following topic. Be sure to follow the outline. Take a stand on the issue, arguing for or against a specific claim. While this is not a research paper, you’ll need to employ and respond to the writers we have examined in class. I want your view on the matter — though a view informed by the reading.

This paper counts for a substantial portion of your grade. You’ll want to do a thoughtful job. Don’t wait until the last minute. And while I hope this goes without saying, to reiterate once again: any evidence that work has been directly appropriated from another source without attribution will receive a zero on the assignment.

One-sided, double-spaced.

Answer the question and use the outline I provide.

1. Is Marx correct when he argues labor is exploited under capitalism?

Outline is following attachment.

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