Persuasive Essay: 1100-1200 word

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My topic is: Should high schools be segregated by the sex of the student

Write an 1100-1200 word Persuasive Essay. Take a position on the issue and support your position with evidence.

The essay should include an introduction, a clear thesis that states your position on the issue, and three or more body paragraphs that support your position.

Four credible sources must be used to support your thesis. At least two of these sources should come from Library Databases.

The other two can be open web sources, but they must be credible. Do not use Wikipedia, or student essay sites as sources.

Remember to follow the MLA format for submitting your paper:

* Double spaced

* 4 Credible Sources (2 from the Library)

* 1100-1200 words in length

* 12-point font

* In-text citations and works cited page in MLA Format

* MLA Format for name, etc.

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