personal statement for social work?

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The personal/professional profile is a three-part, six-page essay. Applicants are instructed to use only peer-reviewed sources and they must follow APA guidelines for referencing and formatting the essay.

Part A: Personal statement (2 pages)

Address why you have chosen social work. Identify and discuss what strengths you could bring to social work and your understanding of what challenges you may face in a Bachelor of Social Work program.

Part B: Identify and analyze a social problem (3 pages)

Choose a social problem to research. Using only relevant peer-reviewed literature, explicate the social problem:

a. How do we know the problem exists? Summarize evidence that supports the existence of the social problem. How widespread is the social problem?

b. What are the potential causes of the social problem? Identify and examine one or two of the suggested explanations as to why the social problem exists.

Part C: Social work response to the social problem (1 page)

Given the chosen social problem, and only using relevant peer-reviewed social work literature, address the ways in which social work can respond. Describe the responsibility of the profession as a whole as well as the obligations of individual social workers in response to the social problem.

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