Perceived street Scale

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Please download and print the Perceived Stress Scale. Carefully read the instructions and complete the scale for yourself. Next, click here to download instructions to help you score your responses to create an overall amount of perceived stress over the past month. Finally, reflect upon your results on the scale and respond to the following prompts with at least 3 full sentences under each.

1) Report your perceived stress score. Does your score on the scale accurately reflect the amount of perceived stress you have experienced over the past month? If not, why? If so, what types of events contribute to this? Keep in mind that scores on the scale can range from 0-40 with higher scores reflecting higher levels of perceived stress.

2) Refer to the norm table on the scoring document and compare your perceived stress score with those of the demographiccategories to which you identify under gender, age, and race. The data were gathered from a representative sample of participants who completed the scale to determine a mean level of perceived stress within each category. How do you compare? If you do not see yourself represented in the reported categories, how does it make you feel when scientific research lacks representation of individuals with similar identity to yourself? What can researchers do to ensure a more representative sample in the future?

3) There appears to be observable differences in the perceived stress reported across different race categories with White individuals reporting the least amount of perceived stress in the sample. Do you think the results across the race categories reflect perceived stress throughout American society? Why or why not?

4) How do you cope with your perceived stress? Are your approaches to coping healthy or unhealthy? Why or why not? Do you feel like they help you mitigate the short-term effects of stress? How do they help with alleviating the long-term effects of stress?

5) How has Module 6 contributed to your understanding of stress, its effects on health, and ways to reduce stress in your life?

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