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Case Studies Assignment
Graded Project Graded Project
You’ll find your case study assignments in the textbook,
Psychology and Your Life.
Read the following case studies in your textbook and answer
the questions in your text:
1. Case Study 1: “The Case of the Manager Who Doubled
Productivity,” page 195
2. Case Study 2: “The Case of Mike and Marty Scanlon, the
Unlikely Twins,” page 383
Your assignment must include
1. A cover sheet
2. The answers to both Case Study 1 and Case Study 2
written in complete sentences
The Cover Sheet
The first page of your paper will be the cover sheet. Provide
the following information:
n Case Studies
n Your name and student ID
n Current date (e.g, November 1, 2013)
n Essentials of Psychology SSC130
n Assignment 25039200
Format your paper using a standard font, such as Times New
Roman, 12 point, double-spaced. Set the margins at a standard
1 inch on all sides. Since you’ve given your information
on the cover sheet, no header is necessary.
166 Essentials of Psychology
For the body of your paper, make a clear distinction you’re
answering the questions about Case Study 1 and answer
questions 1–5 in complete sentences. Then move on to the
next case study and continue in the same format.

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