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A foundation of principles is fundamental to overcoming ethical dilemmas and challenges encountered in the profession. The better you can become at articulating the reasons for your decisions, the more prepared you will be when you find yourself confronting an ethical dilemma.

Because many students complete a research study, at some point, it is very possible that you will encounter an ethical dilemma related to publishing. This week presents a dilemma focusing on publishing in research, an area that may present psychology professionals with ethical conundrums involving such areas of concern as questionable data validity, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and false authorship credit.

For this week’s Assignment, view the interactive simulation media titled “The Lab.”

  • Putting yourself in the role of the graduate student, consider the ethical dilemma(s) related to her work at “The Lab” as you click through the interactive choice menus.
  • Click through the “Ethical Decision-Making Tutorial” to see how Jones’s ethical decision-making model can be applied to the graduate student’s dilemma.

a 4-page paper that includes the following:

  • A description of the situation experienced by the graduate student related to publishing.
  • An explanation of the ethical decision(s) you might make in this role. Support your response with the APA core principles you used to make each decision.
  • An explanation of whether and how the outcome might have differed if you had chosen another set of core principles.

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