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Hi Robert F,

we will work on final part, 75 point in this mark, i need to get it.

you did the final part but i just want you to review it and add to it or even change it if needed. please do your best in this part.

* the same topic we did before, make sure you have full Bib, and check the checklist please and provide good quality.

here is the instructions:

Part SEVEN: FINAL DRAFT (75 points)
1. Rest, then review and revise your written work repeatedly.
This assignment will be evaluated on the quality and use of your research from your sources your thinking about how information can be rationalized. Support all your assertions with proper reasoning and/or details drawn from your sources. Your citation of sources will substantially influence the evaluation of your essay. Check out this information on “How to write Essays.”
2. Submit your final draft at the beginning of class in the proper presentation format of (1) a title page followed by (2) your four-to-five pages of original text of your essay, and underline your thesis sentence in the first introductory paragraph, (3) your revised and final bibliography, and (4) print out the checklist here <> fill it out to make sure you have formatted your paper correctly, and attach the checklist at the back of your assignment. (Do not include any pages with thesis, outlines, or photocopies from previous assignments).

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