Outline for Palpation Videos

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Click on the image above to access the Books of Discovery web site – Navigate to the videos for Chapter 6: Pelvis and Thigh.


  • While watching each of the palpation videos, you should take notes on the steps explained.
  • Create a bulleted or numbered list of the steps associated with each of the videos:
    • Each video should be outlined on a separate page (one page per video)
    • Each page should have a title that includes the muscle being palpated
    • A professional presentation of the steps
  • Feel free to be creative as you develop this document!
  • Submit your single Word document in this forum.

Grading Criteria:

  • Each video is thoroughly outlined (60 points)
  • Professional presentation of the associated steps within the document (40 points)
    • Creativity
    • Format
    • All required elements present

Once ALL EIGHT videos have been viewed and outlined, you will upload a single Word document of the steps associated with each of the palpation videos.

A sample paper is posted below:


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