Optimum Wellness Pharmacy recherch Introduction

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this research in digital marketing class, I want one page Introduction; Brief introduction and history of the company and its
products/services, and the purpose of the project (what we are doing for them in this
project)( I want to improve the website and social media ) .

one page; Situation analysis including internal and external environment analysis : Analyze the online marketplace, immediate or micro-environment, as well as
the broader macro environment. Report the internal and external environmental
analyses for the company as related to the project. This is not just reporting the
information you find. I expect you to be able to identify and discuss the information
relevant to the project. In other words, you need to discuss how each element of the
environmental analysis could be related to or influence the client and its marketing
activities. Your analysis should provide information on customer insights, market
trends, competitor analysis, as well as internal capabilities and resources.

the pharmacy website:






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