one particular kind of real life experience in order to understand their book lessons better.

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Its a paper assignment in a ESL writing class(Textbook called American Ways). So the writing level could not be that good because most of students in this course are international students.(My experience is only attend collage in America, others in Asia.) This topic should be a persuasive one that describe a own experience which may help us to understand American culture better. My draft topic for this paper is “learning to cook”. This is one of my own experience that learned different cooking style for curry in both India and Thailand.(But the requirement should be about understanding american culture). My draft supporting ideas for this topic are 1. Learning to cook helped me know more about different cooking styles between China and America for a certain food. Spices or others during cooking may shows different taste preference in different cultures.2. Learning to cook helped me know the different preference and cooking method for people in different status. (May shown in data). 3. Learning to cook helps me to save money. Which is a common way for American students to save money rather than eat outside. Finally, all my cooking experiences should happened in U.S. which means last three years because I came here to collage three years before. The result of learning to cook should be helping us to understand American culture better not other cultures. Thanks.

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