One independent article report (5 pages)

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Independent Article Reports (IAR):

Each student will submit two, 5-page independent article reports. (You are only doing one for now) For each of the two IARs, students will select one current

article to review (not more than 6 months old) from traditional, editor-reviewed media sources (i.e. the Wall Street Journal, the

New York Times, Time Magazine, the Star-Ledger, Sports Illustrated,,,, USA

Today, the Asbury Park Press, etc.). If a student is unsure whether their article fits this requirement, then they should consult

with the Instructor. The article must be about ethics, social responsibility, or stakeholder management. Any topic covered in

class by or before the IAR’s submission date is acceptable. Remember, this is a business course and is part of a business

school curriculum. As such, students should not choose articles that focus on politics or the political climate either locally,

nationally, or globally.

IARs will normally be graded and returned within two weeks. As this is a writing intensive course, in addition to each report’s

content students will be graded based on their writing style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The due dates for the IAR papers are listed in the course timeline at the end of this Syllabus. Additional guidance on the IAR

papers is provided in Addendum A to this syllabus. In addition, Addendum C provides the Business School’s Written

Communication Rubric by which all papers will be evaluated.

Please see the syllabus and pictures below for context and ideas for possible topics

Remember, only 1, 5 page article report is necessary

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