Observational Research for Leadership Specific to Gender and Ethnic Diversity

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Leaders in all settings have an obligation to recognize their own
biases and observe individuals and cultural dynamics as objectively as
possible. Take the opportunity in this Critical Thinking Assignment to
practice objectivity in research.

  1. This Critical Thinking Assignment culminates in the form of a management report*
    based on data from your own observational research within your work
    environment or community organization. The problem that you are
    investigating is the low percentage of women in formal leadership
    positions in the organization. Gather scholarly articles on two
    leadership theories associated with diversity and especially gender
    diversity to serve as a backdrop for your investigation.

    Write a paper on the best practices to employ, using a
    group scenario that you construct and describe.

    • Who is sitting at the leadership table and who is absent?
    • Whose voices are heard and whose aren’t, and why?
    • Whose values and interests are being represented?
    • Is there leadership that goes unnoticed?
  2. Once the observations are completed, prepare the data for analysis.
    You might define categories or identify themes based on what was
    recorded. Then analyze the data according to relevant diversity
    leadership theories that you gathered, from this weeks required
    readings, and from the lecture.
  3. Prepare a management report* for a hypothetical audience of managers that have a stake in the stated problem.

The management report:

Include five (5) sections within a maximum of five pages (in addition
to the required title and reference pages and appendices). The report
sections include:

  • The Introduction of your investigation including a statement about why the research is important (remember your audience!)
  • A description of how you collected the observational data, prepared
    data, and analyzed for results. Explain why these methods are
    appropriate (support with scholarly sources)
  • A literature review of the two associated theories
  • A discussion of the results and how the managers might use the findings to address the stated problem
  • A summary of the investigative process and a closing statement of what you, the researcher, learned from the study.
  • Use appendices to include raw data, data preparation worksheets, or analytic tools.
  • Include associated citations and reference pages. Format your entire report according to APA

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