New Testament Replies To Samantha Williams

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Replies should be no less than 75 words.

1. This should be addressed to Samantha Williams

The Synoptic Problem does not cause issues for me. It actually helps because it is three different people telling basically the same information. It does not matter what type of story or information that is given. When it is told by different people, the information will not be the exact same every time. Someone will forget or hear something a little different and other things can be made up. If there are three different people telling basically the same thing, it is believable. Also, people can hear the same information but pick up on different parts or have a different view of it. This is a good thing. You can get multiple different views and levels of information. For example, I am a very detailed person but my husband is not. He pays attention to certain details I may miss in a story. The same goes for me. We can tell you what we both heard and got from a situation and each one will bring something new to the table.

Luke describes how Jesus made promises and kept them. He talks about what people need to do on a daily basis in order to receive eternal salvation. The article I read said Luke tries to remind people by regularly emphasizing the words “each day” (Cantelon, n.d.). He wanted to let everyone know Jesus would keep his promises if people obeyed him. The early Christian communities had their own understandings and point of views. They told their stories over the years. If people were not around during that time, they had no other information so they would believe them. When our grandparents or parents tell us stories, we can choose whether or not to believe them. We did not live during their times and was not there to see things for ourselves so we want to believe in what they say. This is the same concept. Luke describes Jesus as a servant which he thought others should imitate (Harris, 2014). He would tell people they needed to live right and obey Jesus’ wishes. If they obeyed him, they would receive eternal salvation.

2. This should be addressed to Lashundra Hunt

The Synoptic problem deals with the three Gospels, which is Mark, Matthew, and Luke. It does not deal with the other Gospel John. These three Gospel really deal with some of the same things like we learned in unit one (Harris, 2014). Yes, this somewhat makes it hard for me to understand different scriptures because it takes me a minute to really understand what the bible is talking about. I also feel like it will make it easier for other people because the way the Synoptic Gospel are set up and how they are somewhat the same. The early Christians Communities dealt with Luke and Acts. I think Luke was trying to promote Jesus so the people can learn and live the way Jesus his self was living. The characteristics Luke was promoting from Jesus in my opinion was leading and teaching others as much as possible. The reason he promoted these characteristics because he wanted people to live like Jesus.


Harris. S. L. (2014). The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction (8th ed.). Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.

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