Network Implementation Document for a company

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Need a network implementation document written out for a company (see attached document, please edit this company and add to the table of contents as each bullet point is a new TOC section). Need to have the attached document reviewed and written out. The company overview in the attached document can be used as the company.

The following sections below need to be fulfilled and added to the attached doc. answer the questions as thoroughly as possible and add them to the TOC:

Network Design:

  • Provide a description of the proposed network solution that includes coverage of these components: DNS, DHCP, Network Protocols, WINS, IP Routing, and Certificate Services.
  • Include diagrams that provide a visual representation of the network structure.

    Installation and Configuration:

  • Provide detailed
    installation steps for each of the major components and protocols planned
    for the system.
  • Discuss
    configuration considerations for installation of these components and
  • Include
    configuration of the system for remote access.

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

    • Describe the
      maintenance procedures planned for the proposed network, including a
      schedule of maintenance activities and the steps required for each
    • Identify the
      network operations that will be monitored, the information that will be
      gathered, and the meaning of the information as it relates to potential
      system problems.
    • List at least 3
      potential network problem scenarios, and identify the troubleshooting procedure
      that will be used if this scenario occurs.

      Remote Access:

    • Discuss the
      remote connectivity needs for the system.
    • Identify the
      applications and hardware necessary to address the remote connectivity
    • Address
      security, troubleshooting, and maintenance for the remote connectivity.

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