negotiating outcome

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answer the questions from the book ( 2007 ) negotiating outcome ( poket edition ) boston MA Harvard Business `school Press. ISBN978-1-4221-1476-6


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1. Discuss the tenant’s and the landlord’s basic duties under a landlord-tenant relationship.

2. What is BATNA, reservation price, ZOPA, and value creation through trades?

3. what the nine steps to a deal

4. Explain the overall purposes of the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act. How do each of these Acts relate to each other? Violations of antitrust law are either per se violations or rule of reason violations. What are the differences between these two types of violations? Give examples of each.

5. Briefly define a patent, copyright, and trademark and distinguish between them. What agency(ies) of the government is responsible for each? What is the USPTO, EPO, PCT?

6. What is the definition of the business judgement rule? Discuss and scope its purposes.

7. Sandra and Joe own a hobby farm as tenants in common. They also own a vacation home as joint tenants. What is the difference between the tenancy in common and joint tenancy?

8. The city of Richmond needs land owned by the Neelans to expand a middle school. The Neelans do not want to sell. Discuss what course of action the city can take and the basis for this action. Does the Kelo decision apply- why or why not?

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