Narrative, Thought Experiments, and Cases: Essay Structure

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  1. Find your case/scene.
  2. Determine the facts from the case/scene.
  3. Determine the suggested outcome (if any) by the author.
  4. Determine which character you will be or comment on.
  5. Write Intro (stating pro or con if a suggested outcome is in the case. If there is no suggested outcome, then state roughly where you will go)
  6. Set out the key practical facts of the case.
  7. Set out the key moral, epistemological, metaphysical, and/or aesthetic issues. (There should be at least 3.)
  8. Apply the three relevant moral, epistemological, metaphysical, and/or aesthetic issues to solve the case or to resolve the problem and go through your solution in an introspective fashion.
  9. Conclusion (significance and general import of this policy that guided your solution—both abstractly and concretely from an actual case in the world today).

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